BASIL is a league for AI players competing in Starcraft Broodwar. It started of as an “add-on” for SSCAIT, where only a single game is played at a time and is streamed live!

This is great to watch but delays ranking of bots severly. BASIL does not stream live and runs multiple parallel games at maximum speed (take a look at the stats to see what that means).

Over a million games have been played so far. Only a portion of the replays is available online, but if you require more feel free to contact me (see below).

Other Ladders and Tournaments

AIST - Yearly tournament with price money.

AIIDE - Yearly tournament, since 2011.

COG - Yearly tournament, since 2010.

SCHNAIL - Human vs bot ladder.

SSCAIT - 24/7 Ladder with yearly tournaments and the source for almost all bots of the BASIL ladder.


BWAPI - C++ API to create Module and Client bots


JBWAPI - Java API to create Client bots.

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Sonko’s blog