First of all, please change your bookmark to The old URL will redirect here for a while.

Replays and json files will be accessible through

Celebrating 2 years of the BASIL ladder a bit early, I decided it deserves its own top level domain. Partially, this was caused by my VPS provider only supporting a very old kernel. While still supported with security updates, the overall experience started do degrade quite a some time ago.

Another new thing and still very basic: A twitch stream running games from BASIL 24/7 -

Some other random updates:

  • Ranks are now only updated once a day.
  • Other scheduled jobs like bot updating and site update are now using a fixed schedule, instead of a “time since server started” schedule.
  • Match making ELO range is wider and will select from a larger group of opponents with a higher probability.

That is all there is for now, have a happy bot-developing/gameplay-watching time!